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“I Work 112 Hours a Week, Nigguh!”

I Work 112 Hours a Week, Nigguh!   giant coffee passed out at desk Meanwhile In AmericaThe biggest cup o’bean is always on Wednesday.

There aren’t enough jobs in America, I can’t get hired!
Meanwhile, companies make 1 employee work insane amounts of hours, instead of hiring 2 people and splitting the hours in half so two people can earn money instead of 1.

Here’s to all of the overworked, underpaid Americans… Happy Humpday!
*Raises cup of coffee in a toast*

Meanwhile, In Walmart …

Meanwhile, In Walmart ...   meanwhile in walmart passed out drunk Meanwhile In AmericaWhen the bag says “Lays” … it doesn’t mean literally.

Soup Du Jour :: The Tears Of Our Enemies

Soup Du Jour :: The Tears Of Our Enemies   soup of the day tears of our enemies Meanwhile In America 497x590

That’s right betches, were lookin’ at YOU, terrorists, homeless people, unemployed who don’t pay their taxes to the fat-cats, and general all around pains in our asses!