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Happy Father’s Day to all our MIA Daddies!

Happy Fathers Day to all our MIA Daddies!   Meanwhile In America Happy Fathers Day Screwdriver Car 562x590“I was promised a girl would be Sugar n’ Spice n’ Everything Nice!$#@”

Sent in by: Proud Papa

Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? It’s even WOVEN!

You know how much time it must’ve taken to weave that bacon?
Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? Its even WOVEN!   bacon wrapped whole turkey meanwhile in america 590x483

Sent in by: Soul Foooood

‘Murica … The “Melting Pot”

Murica ... The Melting Pot   not in Kansas anymore Meanwhile In America 557x590

Whelp … so much for the melting pot theory.
(Yep … this was actually taken in America.)

Sent in by: David

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin   frozen illinois tundra sunbathing Meanwhile In America

Jus chillin …