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Liberals Be Like, “Cups Arr Diff’rent!”

Liberals Be Like, Cups Arr Diffrent!   MeanwhileInAmerica Starbucks Plastic Cups 590x590Sent in by: The Juice

“It’s Not Racist if it’s About White Folks!”

Its Not Racist if its About White Folks!   Meanwhile In America com Crackers Love Cheese 427x590
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In ‘Murica, Even the Dogs Love Their Food

In Murica, Even the Dogs Love Their Food   Fat Dachsund Meanwhile In America
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Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? It’s even WOVEN!

You know how much time it must’ve taken to weave that bacon?
Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? Its even WOVEN!   bacon wrapped whole turkey meanwhile in america 590x483

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