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Soup Du Jour :: The Tears Of Our Enemies

Soup Du Jour :: The Tears Of Our Enemies   soup of the day tears of our enemies Meanwhile In America 497x590

That’s right betches, were lookin’ at YOU, terrorists, homeless people, unemployed who don’t pay their taxes to the fat-cats, and general all around pains in our asses!

She’s Bringin’ Sexy Back

Shes Bringin Sexy Back   busted down crackhead missing lightswitch Meanwhile In America 590x483

 Just goes to show … no matter how broke-down you get, once you have Teh Sexy, there is no cure.

Sounds Legit …

Sounds Legit ...   obama syrians kill syrians so usa kill syrians MeanwhileInAmerica

More of that “Change” Obama Promised …

More of that Change Obama Promised ...   obama bush wwiii racist trueth meanwhileinamericaShare this if you don’t support America joining the war in Syria