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Got Exhausted Just Reading the Dashboard

Got Exhausted Just Reading the Dashboard   Meanwhile In America lazy fat chair treadmill 590x408
Sent in by: Kailey Anne

Help Us Caption This!

Help Us Caption This!   priorities right budweiser blizzard snow Meanwhile In America

We just couldn’t decide on the BEST caption for this photo, some of our caption ideas were:

  • “Wife / Girlfriend of the Year”
  • “FINE! Tell you friends I’ll marry you already!”
  • “Americans have their priorities right”

Some of DeShawn‘s captions:

  • “Bitch! I said Bud LIGHT!”
  • “You forgot the chicken wings wid dat? Bitch, git cho ass back out there and don’t come back til you got it straight!”
  • “The fuck you doin out there, get yo ass back in the kitchen!”
  • “BETTER not be sweatin too hard hoe, I need ALL of dat ass.”

You’re Still Coming Into Work, Right?

Youre Still Coming Into Work, Right?   street skiing work boss snow Meanwhile In America

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin   frozen illinois tundra sunbathing Meanwhile In America

Jus chillin …