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When You Don’t Want To Be “The Woman of His Dreams”

When You Dont Want To Be The Woman of His Dreams   game of rape Meanwhile In America
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Even The Po-Po Ain’t Safe From Gettin’ They Twankie Dubs Jacked

Even The Po Po Aint Safe From Gettin They Twankie Dubs Jacked   cop car on blocks stolen wheels Meanwhile In America 590x500

You have to be either epic-ly stupid, or have a giant set of gorilla balls to rob a cop car of his twankie deuces, and right in from of his house to boot.

Could’ve At Least Cleaned the Windshield Off

Couldve At Least Cleaned the Windshield Off   snow parking ticket Meanwhile In America 419x590

Meanwhile, In Walmart …

Meanwhile, In Walmart ...   meanwhile in walmart passed out drunk Meanwhile In AmericaWhen the bag says “Lays” … it doesn’t mean literally.